From the Archives…

Life has been pretty busy over here in Boston, but there are too many exciting things happening at TSOJ to not to share a little snippet. A couple of the highlights are that I have my first wedding of 2017 this upcoming weekend (So Exciting!!!), and I’ve been collaborating with some extremely talented ladies to breathe some fresh air into TSOJ (did you notice the new logo from KARMOMO? I’m still swooning over it!) I’ll share more about them in next month’s post. But before the fruits of our rebranding labor are revealed, I thought it might be fun to dig into the archives and show you some of my work that you haven’t seen before. When I started this blog, I couldn’t get my hands on enough flowers to satiate my new floral design thirst, and I have plenty of arrangements and experiments to show for it over the last year and a half. So please enjoy these past creations, and stay tuned to see the new look of TSOJ coming soon!

P.S. If you have an event or wedding for which you are needing a florist, I am still booking for 2017! Please email me at to discuss your custom floral package.



A Shakespearean floral crown commissioned for a bridal shower




If you’re on Instagram, please follow @twostemsofjoy to see the pictures from my posts, as well as other snapshots that don’t make it onto the website. Thank you!


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