Summer Celebrations

So now that the blog is off and running, time to fill in the backlog of floral experiments from the last few months!

Summer was quite busy at our house this year. Filled to the brim with vacations, weddings, friends, and lots of good food, almost every summer weekend was booked before May 15th even rolled around. (Can anyone else relate?) In the midst of this packed season, there were still a few surprises that called for some floral celebrations and congratulations.

My roommate Emily had not one, but two reasons to celebrate this summer. First, we welcomed her into the mid-twenties club as we celebrated her birthday at the end of July. This girl is as curious as they come, full of enough questions, jokes, and sassiness to light up anyone’s day. She loves the sun so much that she stops to close her eyes and literally soak it in, and her will power and drive are the strongest of anyone I’ve ever met. She’s a powerhouse of a woman, and I love having her as a roommate. So, of course, birthday flowers were in order!

Happy Birthday Emily!

The Beautiful Bride-to-be!

Not long after her birthday, there was a surprise celebration that brought on the full range of tears, screams, laughs and hugs. Emily got engaged!! She walked into the kitchen that morning, held up her left hand, and Esther and I screamed so loudly that I wouldn’t be surprised if we woke up our next-door neighbors! I had already bought some beautiful pink/orange spray roses earlier that week and with wedding bouquets now on my mind, I just had to borrow her newly accessorized hand to help with a little photo shoot. Can you see the excitement written all over her face? Beautiful! Hopefully she’ll be lending me her hands and her ideas as I experiment with more wedding bouquets in the future!

Sunflowers for Molly

Another change that the summer brought was the farewell of my coworker Molly. Molly and I started working together about two years ago. We were both fresh out of school, very green in the Boston professional scene, and the newest additions to our firm. After two years of bonding over coffee and mint lemonade runs, Molly was offered a fantastic position at another firm and began saying her goodbyes. Her love of sunflowers was always on display with the silk sunflower she kept on her desk, so her farewell gift was a no-brainer. Hand delivered in a farmer’s market-style paper cone, the flowers marked both a celebration and a goodbye. I was sad to see her go after a couple of really fun years at the office, but I’m so excited for the opportunities she will have in her new job. Good luck Molly!

Those weren’t the only events to celebrate this summer – Stay tuned for my next post which will be all things wedding from one of the two weddings I had the privilege of being in this past summer!

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